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Visibility doesn't guarantee safety

Some members of BikeForums suggested that I emphasize this: visibility doesn't necessarily equate to safety.

  • People driving cars can make errors in judgement. No, I'm serious! ;)

  • They can be intentionally antagonistic, using their vehicle in an attempt to threaten or intimidate you. Oh yes, they saw you just fine, the problem is they didn't like it. :P

  • They can look right through you no matter what visibility equipment you've got, perhaps distracted by their cell phone, their kid, or a desparate craving for pizza. Or maybe you just don't register in their mind somehow.

  • They can even think in all sincerity that you're supposed to "get out of the way" of motor vehicles, and expect you to do so.

  • They may not have control of their vehicle. Ice and snow come to mind as particular reasons. Seeing you doesn't give the person enough traction to stop and steer to avoid colliding with you.